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Start Date:
Nov 30/2015
Look What We Found

End Date:
Apr 30/2016

Look What We Found gives visitors the chance to view some of the 'problem' artifacts found within the collections room during the Re-Org initiative. It is here that you can view a hotchpotch collection of interesting and unusual objects, while also learning about the importance of museum practices and proper collections management procedures.

The Re-Org initiative was designed to assist museums dealing with poorly documented collections and inadequate storage conditions. Over the past year, The Museum on Tower Hill has been implementing the various tools and methodologies developed for this project, bringing us to where we are now. After a great deal of planning and the reorganization of the entire collections room, we are left with an array of mismatched artifacts. These artifacts have been deemed a problem for different reasons, and over the next year, they will be researched in order to determine if they belong within the collection or if they are better suited elsewhere.

A project like Re-Org helps museums look to the future and plan accordingly. It assists in developing proper collections management procedures and policies which work to guide Museums in such areas as accessioning, storage access, deaccessioning and emergency preparedness. It supports smaller institutions by teaching them how to achieve the same goals and principles as larger institutions, while working within their means and not exerting limited resources. It helps museums build on existing practices and enables them to implement more modern procedures that will ensure meaningful changes and long term conservation. The Look What We Found exhibition is the result of all of this. The Museum's collections room is now organized, an inventory of the collection is about to begin, and our database is becoming more comprehensive. One of the only things left to do is to sort through the exhibition and return the artifacts to their rightful home!

Over the next year The Museum on Tower Hill's collection technician will be researching the different artifacts within this exhibition in order to determine their significance and future placement. This will require the examination of old accession records, in-depth object research, reports on the condition of objects and an understanding of the Museum's collection. If you are interested in learning more about the artifacts within this exhibition, or the processes and procedures museum professionals use in order to determine an objects provenance and significance, then go to our page "Amy's Re-Org Blog." It is here that our collections technician will be posting information about the various objects she is researching and the procedures she is implementing.






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