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The Parry Sound CPR Trestle Bridge

The trestle bridge over the Seguin River in Parry Sound, Ontario was built as part of the expansion of the CPR Northward and Westward during years 1905 to 1908, A work crew, numbering at times as high as 5,000 drilled, blasted, bridged and filled their way northward from MacTier, through Parry Sound, Pointe au Baril and Britt to Sudbury, a stretch of over 230 miles of rail. The Parry Sound trestle bridge spans over 1,765 feet and is 110 feet above the mouth of the Seguin River as is enters Georgian Bay, the longest CPR trestle bridge in Ontario.

Length: 22 Minutes
Narrated by Dave Thomas with photographs and slides provided by the Dave Thomas Collection

Parry Sound Collection: Volume I 1869-1895

Examine the early days of the town involving William Beatty, the construction of many modern day buildings along with such tragedies as the Brunswick Hotel fire and the flooding of the Harbour during Hurricane Hazel, this extensive collection provides a valuable look into yesteryear.

Length: 88 Minutes
Narrated by Dave Thomas with photographs and slides provided by the Dave Thomas Collection

Parry Sound Collection: Volume III 1907-1917 

Travel back in time to watch the high school being built, and look up a name in Parry Sound's first telephone directory. Also featured in this volume is the CPR Station, St Joseph's Hospital, Victoria House, and Mowat Island.

Length: 104 Minutes
Narrated by Dave Thomas with photographs and slides provided by the Dave Thomas Collection

Parry Sound Collection: Volume IV 1917-1927

This volume of the Parry Sound Collection covers events, such as the Cascade dam failure, the building of Victory School and Regatta Day in the Harbour. However, our favourite segment is all about the Ministry of Natural Rsesources base on Tower Hill.

Length: 106 Minutes
Narrated by Dave Thomas with photographs and slides provided by the Dave Thomas Collection

When Lumbering Was King: 1857 to 1924

Enjoy this historical film that examines the early beginnings of the lumber industry in the Parry Sound area. Local historian, Dave Thomas, explores the rich history of past logging and highlights its importance to the development of the community.

Length: 72 minutes
Narrated by Dave Thomas with photographs and slides provided by the Dave Thomas Collection

Island of Great Spirit: The Legacy of Manitoulin

For thousands of years, the Anisheinabek-speaking nations of Turtle Island met in the middle of their territory on an island known today as Manitouilin. There a complex system of government formed and chiefs would meet regularly to discuss matters of importance to the Anishinabek. This documentary film details the intriguing history of Manitoulin Island.

Length: 140 minutes + Extras

Life on the Edge: Stories from Muskoka's Past

The story of Muskoka is one strongly tied to the environment. For centuries, the granite that lies just beneath its surface has shaped life on the edge of the Canadain Shield. This documentary explores the facinating history of the Muskoka district and its people.

Length: 136 Minutes + Extras

The Land Between
DVD: $25.00
Blu-Ray: $30.00

This visiually spectacular three-part documentary series explores the newly recognized area in Ontario, Canada, that many people are calling The Land Between. Narrated by R.H. Thomson, the series uses aerieal and time-lapse vidography, cinematic historical re-enactments, animation, an original musical score and hundreds of rare historical photographs and films to introduce you to The Land Between, and the ever-changing story of how humans have interacted with this special region throughout time.

Length: 3 x 50 Minutes

Riches Beyond Our Rocks: Stories From Greater Sudbury

The story of the City of Greater Sudbury is as diverse and rich as the rocks beneath its surface: and the roots of its people run just as deep. For centuries the riches of the Sudbury landscape have attracted peoples from throughout Canada and the world.

Length: 124 Minutes + Extras

Rooted In Stone: Reflections on West Parry Sound's Past

The West Parry Sound area is a place where the sublime beauty and ferocity of the Georgian Bay and the strength and severity of the Canadian Shield converge. Here, for thousands of years, people have managed to carve out a life for themselves amidst the rocks.

Length: 128 Minutes + Extras

Ghosts of the Bay: A Forgotten History of Georgian Bay

Ghosts of Georgian Bay leads the viewer to an expedition to discover the haunting vestiges of Georgian Bay’s forgotten past –now an eerie world of shipwrecks, abandoned fishing camps, lumber villages, boom towns and missions. These worn monuments emerge with their colourful takes of adventure, scandal and folklore, revealing the lively and often brutal experiences of those who dared to make a life on these shores.

Length: 90 Minutes

Alone in the Night: Lighthouses of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island and the North Channel

 Alone in the Night journeys through the over 135 years of lightkeeping on Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island, and the North Channel. In the film, beautiful shots of the lights inside and out, rare archival photographs and footage, underwater photography, character voices, and starling and humorous tales from former keepers unlock the heart of a world that died out on the Great Lakes in 1991, a world man can hardly image.

Length: 72 Minutes 

Striking Balance: A Documentary Series Exploring Canada’s Biosphere Reserves

UNESCO Biosphere Reserves are a way to think about nature that includes people as part of the environment. For those living in Canada’s Biosphere Reserves, the environment is only healthy if human communities and the ecosystems that sustain them are both thriving. Narrated by Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy, Striking Balance is documentary series that goes coast to coast –combining aerial, motion capture time-lapse, and nature photography to create a stunning picture of Canada’s Biosphere Reserves.

Length: 8 x 50 Minutes

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