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This is a gift for my mother Katie Hermant, a life long supporter of the arts. We have a family connection to Sam Kewaquado Sr. and admire his work.

- Norman & Karen



         The Tower Hill Gardens would not be the same without 
         Anne and the Tower Hill Gardeners. The artifact was
         adopted on behalf of all the contributions Anne has made
         to both the Museum and the Gardens


"I chose to adopt an artifact for my boyfriend, Bob, because one of his favourite things to do is to go boating on Georgian Bay. Whether on a sailboat or waverunner, he loves touring the 30, 000 islands, pointing out all of the shipwrecks and different areas he has been to. His favourite part of the Museum on Tower Hill is the 22 foot boat within the shipping area of their permanent gallery."

- Amy



"Schaeffer has a love of wild animals and nature and if given the choice of being inside or outside he will always choose outside. Catching a glimpse of an animal in its natural habit is something Schaeffer has a great appreciation for."

- Alexis 

This suitcase has been gifted to Glenn Hodgson in recogntion of 10 years of dedicated service to the Museum onTower Hill.

In memory of Margaret Phillips Robertson        















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