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Start Date: May 09/2018

End Date: May 20/2018


The Museum on Tower Hill is proud to be working with Professor Sali A.Tagliamonte to create “Fishing for Stories: From Students to Seniors.” Professor Tagliamonte will be visiting the Parry Sound area with a small team of research assistants to document local stories of Parry Sound and the surrounding area, as a part of her larger research project on Ontario dialects.

“Language reflects the community in which it is spoken,” says Professor Tagliamonte. “The history, culture and social life of a community shines through in the way people pronounce words, express themselves and talk to each other. For example, when you say ‘Seguin’ do you say SEE-guin or SAY-guin? When you go fishing do you catch ‘walleye’ or ‘pickerel’.”


What does the project entail?


Presentations - Professor Tagliamonte will be giving presentations about language in contemporary English, Ontario dialects and other aspects of the study of history and culture as it is reflected in language, to various organization across Parry Sound. Professor Tagliamonte is presenting at the Museum on Friday May 11 from 2:30pm - 4pm. Professor Tagliamonte is available to present her work on language to any school or organization that invites her.



Interviews - Professor Tagliamonte’s research team will be conducting oral history interviews for members of the Parry Sound district, documenting their experiences, life stories, and exchanging ideas. Interviews will predominantly take place at the museum, but the students have been received by various organizations across Parry Sound to conduct interviews. Interviews can be arranged at any location within the town of Parry Sound. The research team will also be conducting 2-min surveys around Parry Sound. Click here to do the survey online!


To book your organization for a presentation or to book a spot for an interview, please call 705-746-5365 or email communications@museumontowerhill.com 



Fishing For Stories: An Exhibition

The culmination of the project will be an exhibition of stories at the Museum, based on a collaboration between Professor Tagliamonte and students from Parry Sound High School. Fishing for Stories: An Exhibition will be on display from May 18 -20, following an exhibition from the Canadian Language Museum. The exhibition’s opening reception will include a presentation by Professor Tagliamonte about her general research and a preview of her current work on Thursday May 17 from 12:30 - 1:30 at the Musuem.



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