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July 2020


Plant the shot, pace the green and strike! The Museum received this John Jaques & Son, Limited lawn bowling set, complete with original packaging in 1990. Lawn bowling, or bowls, has always been a favourite pastime throughout the summer months, but how and when did this sport come to Canada?

Even though Scotland is credited with being the home of the sport, the British originally brought the game to Canada during the 19th century, with the first games played in Nova Scotia. By 1888, tournaments were held in larger Canadian cities involving seven clubs, and in 1892, the Dominion Lawn Bowling Tournament was inaugurated.

As the sport continued to grow in popularity, more and more Canadians took to the game calling for the formation of a national league in 1924. It did not take long for these players to be recognized for their skill, and in 1928, the International Bowling Board incorporated Canadian teams. Since this time, Canadian men and women have participated in the Commonwealth Games and world championships, receiving silver medals in both pairs and singles.

Recreational lawn bowling may not be played on the same scale it once was, but there are still plenty of people who enjoy it and participate in national & provincial tournaments throughout the year. What summer games will you be playing this year? Hopefully we have inspired you to make lawn bowling one of them!



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