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August 2020



Sunny summer days are meant for parasols — at least in the early 1900s they were. The Museum on Tower Hill in Parry Sound has two beautiful parasols in our collection, which we treasure because of the histories belonging to them.

Our first parasol, donated by Ellen Bradey, a longtime volunteer at the museum, belonged to Ellen’s grandmother and has been in her family for decades. With a wooden handle, off-white fabric and decorative embroidery throughout this once fashionable accessory, it is now a remembered artifact from a time when ruffles were never in short supply. The height of parasols was in 1700s Europe, and were mostly used by noble women as a fashion statement. By the 1850s and onwards, parasols and umbrellas were in demand for their practical use of shade and protection from rain.

Our second parasol was used for recreational activities — it belonged to Milly Downing Parry Sound’s first "Seguin Sarah." The character of Seguin Sarah was created in the 1970s after the famous "Seguin Sam" — creator John Macfie made the ever-loving logger in 1967 for the first Parry Sound Winter Carnival. The ladies would pose and perform with their period costumes, including accessories like this parasol. The Seguin Sarahs attended community events lending a helping hand and putting a smile on attendees’ faces. With black lace, three layers of white overlay and pretty pink felt bows, this parasol is a beautiful piece of community history.


We hope you enjoyed this month's featured artifact!




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