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May 2020

Medo-Vapo Inhaler

Modern medicine has improved our lives in countless ways. From prescriptions to vaccines, operations and amputations, we are so fortunate to live with modern amenities and technology. But what about before our modern times? How has the medical field progressed?

The West Parry Sound District Museum has an interesting yet important artifact in our collection. The Medovapo Inhaler: “the modern inhaling method”. This inhaler was used as an effective and convenient method for the application of medicinal vapors to the nasal passages. This Medovapo inhaler is copyrighted 1939 by a company in Toronto, Med-O-Vapo Co.

Early inhalers were designed to relieve breathing and coughing issues by prescribing a liquid medicine to inhale with the intent of traveling to the lungs. Soon enough, dry powder inhalers were developed. They differed because they used a dry medicine to reach the lungs instead of liquid. Inhalers were created to ease sinus pains, bronchitis, reduce swelling and help patients breathe more efficiently.

Today’s inhalers, also known as a puffer, were produced in 1950s America to treat a young asthma patient. Using a gas propellant, alcohol to dissolve the drug, an old ice-cream freezer, and an empty soda bottle to act as a pressure bottle – the experiment worked! The Medihaler-Iso is the only prescription treatment for asthma.

We have come so far since the mid-1900s and even further since the 1800s.

The West Parry Sound District Museum staff would like to give our appreciation to all of West Parry Sound’s medical personnel who have been working tirelessly to help our community. Thank you!


We hope you enjoyed this month's featured artifact!




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