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June 2020

Fly Fishing Lures

There is nothing better than to spend the day fishing on Georgian Bay, rod in hand with a tackle box filled and ready to go! And who would have thought an old fishing lure would be kept in a museum and considered a collectable? We certainly did!

Fishing lures have been collected and preserved in museums because of their value and beauty. Some of the earliest fishing lure makers were Selco Baits, J. P. Moore, M. Sutton, Delorme, Bakers Baits, and Tomlin Bait. But it’s not just about value – different lures are used for different functions which make some lures extra special for collectors. The basics of lures are to use them as deceptions replacing live bait. However, for the various types of fishing, and depending on what you want to catch – you’ll need to check your tackle box.

Fly fishers use lures called flies, which are commonly mock-ups of crayfish, minnows, aquatic bugs, larvae and mayflies. The sport began as early as the 2nd Century, when Roman Claudius Aelianus observed Macedonian anglers fishing with long rods that had the same length of line, fixed with a hook and feathers, secured with wool. This successful method of fishing quickly caught on, and by the 19th century, it became a favourite pastime among the British, seen as one of the best ways to catch fish in slower moving rivers. Between 1920 - 1950, fly fishing grew in popularity around the world, as fibreglass rods and artificial flies began to be mass produced. Today, this sport is still as popular as ever, with anglers taking to the rivers and streams of Georgian Bay, trying to pull off the perfect drift and setting the hook for when that fish finally strikes.

Happy Fishing!



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