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August 2019

Seguin Sarah's Hats

Elaborately decorated headwear was not just for women of the early 1900’s, as we can see from the extravagantly adorned hats of Seguin Sarah.

Parry Sound’s first Seguin Sarah was Milly Downing. Nominated into the position in the early 1970’s with the emergence of the Winter Carnival and John Macfie’s lovable Seguin Sam character, Milly would go on to be a prominent member of a large group of outgoing women who took up the cause of having fun! These high-spirited women dressed up in elaborate handmade costumes and went out to different community events to lend a hand. From parading through the streets during the Logging Days Festival and performing at Parry Sound’s Centennial, to greeting cruise ships from around the world and serving ice cream at Snowfest, these fun-loving women were always willing to help make Parry Sound be the vibrant place we all know and love.

A Lifestyle article from September 2001 states, “Special events in Parry Sound, such as the upcoming Logging Days and the annual Snowfest, just wouldn’t be the same without the friendly hospitality and humorous antics of our Seguin Sarah’s.” They were not the only ones to feel this way, receiving positive feedback at every event they volunteered for.

Some of the Seguin Sarah’s that have helped put a smile on the Parry Sound community are Milly Downing, Joan Marshall, Rita McWhirter, Terry Green, Teri Salt, Olga Fisher, Donna Graziotto, Katie Graziotto, Dawn Fraser, Lilian Philips and Gloria Peel.










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