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This Remembrance Day marks the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War. At the Museum, we have a small collection of First World War artifacts, photographs and Parry Sound North Star Newspapers that document the war and the lives of those it affected in the West Parry Sound District. This online exhibition features some of our collection and illustrates the brave group of people willing to risk their lives for Canada and our allies overseas.

Parry Sound’s local militia unit, the Northern Pioneers, also known as the 23rd Regiment, were too small of a group to form a battalion in 1914. Parry Sounders who volunteered at the onset of the war were therefore placed with the 1st Canadian Infantry Battalion in London. These are just some of the individuals that joined from the West Parry Sound District: Ernest Howell, Nicholas McDonald, Herbert Moulder, Roy Macfie, Charles Park, Francis Pegahmagabow, Raymond Bert and Charles Raymond.

To encourage enlistment, Prime Minister Robert Borden made each electoral district have their own battalion, so men could be with friends and family. On 2 December 1915 the Parry Sound District 162nd Battalion was formed under the command of Lt. Col James M. Arthurs. The battalion was sent to train at Camp Niagara-on-the-Lake on 11 August 1916 and remained together in Europe from 11 November 1916 to 4 January 1917. Afterwards, the group was absorbed into the 3rd and 4th Battalions as reinforcement for the Canadian Corps. Parry Sounders included, Gordon Stanley Wilder, Karl Frederick, Einar Einarson, Wilfrend Henry Gennoe and Archie Helmkay.

By the end of the First World War, 700 men from the Parry Sound District enlisted and 300 were either killed or wounded.

Above: Postcard of men walking down Seguin Street, Parry Sound to enlist during the First World War.

Right: Casualties also occured on the home front. North Star, 30 March 1916


North Star, 22 August 1918

North Star, 10 October 1918

North Star, 29 August 1918






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