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Passenger Pigeon Exhibit
This is the story of the passenger pigeon - a bird that numbered in the billions, and now is but a shadow, a ghost, a haunting memory. It is the story of other animals that have faced the same fate. And it is the story of us, how we impact the Earth, and how we can steward the planet that sustains us.


North Star Exhibit
In partnership with the Parry Sound North Star, the Museum presents to the public its largest exhibit since the Avro Arrow exhibit, which first opened in 1998. This is an interactive exhibit where you are able to flip through the pages of Parry Sound history via 8 categorically organized scrapbooks. Where else can you "see" this history of Parry Sound in one room? This proves to be an innovative, six-month long exhibit that you simply cannot afford to miss. 


E. Roy Smith Room - The Museum's Permanent Gallery
The E. Roy Smith Room, named after Parry Sound's former mayor and one of the founding members of the Museum, is home to the Museum's permanent collection and tells the story of Parry Sound. Through all the items in this gallery, you can learn about shipwrecks, the logging trade, the early days of northern life, and much more.



Guest Presentation by Mark Peck
A technician in the Department of Natural History at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Mark Peck will be speaking at the Museum about the Passenger Pigeon and the De-Extinction Project. Tickets are now on sale at the Museum: $10 Adults  |  $7 Students/Seniors
A limited amount of only 50 tickets are being printed.


The holiday festivities are in full swing here at the Museum! We have handcrafted oragami stars and ornamental balls for sale - all are made with recycled Parry Sound North Star papers to coincide with our current North Star Exhibit. They make perfect decorations for your home for this holiday season! 
Oragami Stars $2  |  Ornamental Balls $4 

The funds from these Christmas ornaments go towards the purchasing of acid free, lignin free boxes to store the recently North Star papers. The boxes will help to ensure the historic integrity of the papers and to prevent further damage.

Each box is approximately $20-$25 and the Museum needs to purchase at least 100 boxes. Make change with your change and purchase some handcrafted Christmas ornaments to make your tree complete!


Be sure to keep checking back for our Boxing Week Sales in our Gift Shop!



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