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Research Requests  

The Museum on Tower Hill is committed to ongoing research to further the aims of the museum as outlined in its Statement of Purpose. This commitment extends to both staff of the Museum, as well as outside researchers.

The Museum’s research priorities include:

  • The provenance and history of artifacts in the Collection;
  • Research in support of exhibit development;
  • Research in support of public programming;

as they fit with the Museum’s mission statement and statement of purpose.

The Museum is open to public requests for access to the collection and resources. The collection of the Museum on Tower Hill is held in public trust and therefore all reasonable means to provide public access to the collection, for the purpose of research, shall be encouraged, taking into account conservation risks and fair equitable allocation of available resources.

Every effort will be made to balance the needs of the researcher with the security of the artifacts and archival collection. Factors limiting or restricting the public's access to documents or the collection are: 

  • Fragile nature of the item.
  • Legal ramifications, e.g. Item on loan to Museum or access to the information were restricted by the source.
  • Lack of proper documentation or incomplete cataloguing.
  • Where the nature of the artifact presents a health or safety risk to researchers or staff.
  • Staff availability

The Museum recognizes that collections records are part of the Museum’s accountability to the public. Researchers other than staff are not normally permitted access to the Archives or any other Museum storage areas. Under special circumstances, access may be granted. On such occasions, the researcher will be accompanied by the appropriate staff.

The following fee structure is in place in order to ensure the continued safety and availability of the archives and collection.


Item Cost
In-person access to the Collection for the purpose of research includes:


  • Staff members will pull the requested materials from the archives and collection
  • Appropriate training as it regards to handling of collection
  • Admission to the Museum
  • Clean, well lit space supervised by Museum staff in order to carry out research

Appointment Required


Research conducted by staff

the first 30minutes are complimentary.

Image Use

$10.00 for initial scan, additional scans will be charged/hour

Photocopies $2.00/item

If you would like to submit a research request to the Museum please fill out the Research Request Form  and email it to info@museumontowerhill.com.





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