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Start Date:
Nov 17/2018
O Christmas Tree: A Brief History

End Date:
Dec 21/2018


From November 17 - December 21, O Christmas Tree: A Brief History will be on display in the Lion’s Room. This exhibition provides a concise look at the origins of Christmas trees, exploring the early Celtic and German pagan traditions, up to the rise in popularity during the Victorian period.

One of the most distinguishable symbols of Christmas is the Christmas tree, but did you know that their origin pre-dates Christmas? Trees and garlands have been used for centuries by different cultures for worship, celebration and even protection. Over time, these traditions transformed and became associated with Christmas, developing into the modern Christmas tree we all know and cherish.
Click here, to watch a quick video about the exhibition on Cogeco News.


Victorian-Inspired Christmas ScenePrior to the mid-19th century, Christmas trees were widely viewed as a pagan tradition. The popularized of Christmas trees did not peak until the mid-1800s when the London News published an illustration of the British monarch's Christmas tree. Afterwards, the acceptance of Christmas trees spread quickly throughout Britain and Canada.

Memory Tree: Help decorate our Christmas tree by writing your favourite memory on an ornament and "hanging it" on the tree!


Holiday Merchandise Display: Holiday decorations and Christmas cards prior to the mid-1800s were mostly homemade. With the wide spread popularity of Christmas in the late-1800s, the holiday became highly commercialized and items, such as cards, were mass produced in factories.

On November 17 from 1 -2 pm, we will be hosting the exhibition's opening reception. There will be light refreshments and a few words from the staff. Admission is by a recommended donation of $2.00. For updates on the opening, click here to like our Facebook event page.
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