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The E. Roy Smith Gallery is open to the public after a lot of hard work and waiting!

The West Parry Sound District Museum received a $27,800 Resilient Communities Fund grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to complete renovations to the E Roy Smith Gallery. The project was completed in February 2022, and will give the community new exhibitions that feature our local heritage.


Watch the video to see all the renovations that took place to get the gallery where it is today. There is still a lot to come too, so be sure to visit more than once to see new exhibitions and learn more about our district's history.


In October 2019, the Museum began installing the model of the Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry Sound Railway, but not without the help of some dedicated volunteers of course! Thank you to all those who helped move the train into the Permanent Gallery.

Bringing up the train!

There sure were a lot of pieces!

...and even more screws!

Shout out to thom morrissey photography for capturing it all on film :)

Staff and volunteers have been hard at work in the E Roy Smith Gallery. The Barn is officially down and has been moved out of the Gallery into storage.

A big thank you to Merrill, Joanne, Ellen, Roger, Gord, Barb, Quinlan, Doug and Daryl for making this happen!


The Museum has successfully completed the first stage of our planned fall 2019 renovation of the E. Roy Smith Gallery; moving the Mackinaw boat. Watch the video below to see how we did it. Thank you to the staff of Glenn Burney Marina who made the move possible.


Now On Display...

Start Date:
Jan 20/2024
Reconnecting with the Forgotten

End Date:
May 31/2024

Reconnecting with the Forgotten

We welcome you to our extraordinary exhibition, "Reconnecting with the Forgotten." We invite you to explore the captivating pictures of the unidentified individuals from various walks of life in the West Parry Sound District's past. This thought-provoking collection aims to bridge the gap between the unknown and the known, fostering a connection that transcends time.

Unveiling the Mystery

The Faces of Mystery

Step into a world where the faces of the unidentified beckon for recognition. Each photograph tells a tale of anonymity, urging us to reflect on lives in obscurity.

Curator Insight

Since the start of the West Parry Sound District Museum, our staff has collected items with the purpose of preserving and sharing the history of the District. A part of that includes preserving the human stories and lives that are behind an item, this is especially important with photographs. The exhibit's curator, Michaela Dickens, has meticulously gathered these images from diverse sources within our Museum's collection to present them in evocative montage. It is their hope that the community of the West Parry Sound District and all those that have a connection to it's past will aid us in our endeavour to return identities to faces that have been lost to time. We ask that you immerse yourself in studying these faces for hints of connection and in the responsibility of being a story teller for the forgotten in this exhibit and in your daily life.

Quote from the Curator:

"Museum's work hard to collect and preserve as many pieces of history as we can. Our goal is not to hide these items away but to showcase them and utilize them to provide information in new and exciting ways for our visitors. One aspect that many museum workers struggle with is the amount of history that is not preserved. Particularly, the intangible details of an artifact such as, the stories of those connected or depicted, how it was used or created and the effect it had on the lives tied to it. This project is one way we hope to preserve those details so we can be better able to explore the human elements behind the items we collect and keep them alive for future generations."

The Journey of Discovery

Interactive Displays

Engage with our interactive displays to contribute your insights. Your perspective could be the key to unlocking the mysteries surrounding these individuals, breathing life into the forgotten.

Connecting Threads

Discover the common threads that bind us all. Through thematic clusters, we invite you to discern the shared experiences and emotions that traverse time and circumstances.

Collaborative Storytelling

Join us in our ongoing collaborative effort to piece together the stories of the unidentified. Share your thoughts, memories and any potential leads that might help us reconnect with the forgotten souls captured in these photographs.

Legacy of Remembering

In honouring these unknown individuals, we strive to create a legacy of remembrance. Together, we can ensure that no one is truly forgotten, and every life, no matter how brief or obscure, is acknowledged.

Online Exhibit

A collection of additional photos that are not available in our physical exhibit have been added below. If you recognise the people in any of the photos, click the photo to fill out our form. The museum will contact you for more information. Please contact info@museumontowerhill.com if you have any issues with this process.





Start Date:
Jan 20/2024
Curling in Parry Sound: Celebrating 125 Years

End Date:
Dec 31/2024

The Roots of a Passionate Tradition

The exhibition will be a captivating journey through time, tracing the roots of curling in Parry Sound. From its humble beginning on natural ice to state-of-the-art facilities of today, visitors will witness the evolution of a sport that has become deeply woven into the fabric of the community.

Unveiling the Treasure

As visitors step into the exhibiton, they will be greeted by a treasure that will lead them down memory lane. Vintage Curling stones, antique brooms, and historic photographs will tell the story of the town's enduring love affair with the game. Each artifact has a tale to tell, reflecting the dedication and passion that have fueled curling in Parry Sound for over a century

Curator's insight


Interactive Exhibits for All Ages

This celebration is more than just a walk down memory lane: it's an interactive experience for all ages. Visitors can try their hand at a simulated curling match, gaining a newfound appreciation for the skill and precision required to master this timeless sport. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the hands-on activities that bring the spirit of curling to life.

Looking towards the future

While the exhibition commemorates the past, it also set its sights on the future. Displays highlights the advancements in technology, training facilities, and the growing popularity of curling promise to inspire the next generation of enthusiasts. Parry Sound's commitement to maintaining its status as a curling hub for years to come will be evident throughout the exhibtion.

Join the Celebration

As Parry Sound marks 125 years of curling, the exhibition invites everyone to be a part of this remarkble celebration. Whether you are a seasoned curler, a casual fan, or someone curious to learn more about the town's history, this exhibition promises a memorable experience for all.

Don't miss the chance to be part of Curling in Parry Sound: Celebrating 125 Years.


To know more about Miller Cup, click here.




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